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Hairize LAB



HAIRIZE LAB treatment acts on the root of the problem since the first application. It contains the highest quota of three clinically tested ingredients with the following properties: Stem cell activation – Activity on the cells of the dermal papilla and hair growth – Activation and elongation in the growth phase of hair – Hydration and silky texture. It also contains a powerful blend of plant oils known for their therapeutic effect on the scalp and hair problems. HAIRIZE LAB treatment has the maximum absorbance (peptides with molecular weight less than 5000 Daltons), for 10 times faster action.

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Activates and elongates the hair growth phase

Strengthens & normalizes the life cycle of hair.

Improves the biological functions of the scalp of head.

Enhances the collagen.

Increases the production of ceratin.

Is able to penetrate & offer hydration.


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