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Hyalurmed Face Serum Pro


Instantly Brings Youthful Skin Back!
The success of HYALURMED FACE SERUM PRO is attributed to:

The natural biological Hyaluronic Acid contained, with a molecular weight/MW HA:1.000-1800 Kda and LW HA : 3-10 Kda/, Hyaluronic Acid is an essential ingredient of the skin and one of the most important anti-ageing agents. Hyauronic Acid is a key structural element of our skin, which is unfortunately decreasing in the course of time. Hyaluronic Acid, the “molecule of density,” plays an important role in maintaining the volume and the density of the skin. A natural polysaccharide that can be found in the intercellular substance and fills the space between collagens and elastic fibres. The most important property of hyaluronic acid is the retention of water molecules, that is, the hydration and the maintenance of the volume of the skin as well as the preservation of all the defensive and rehabilitation mechanisms of the skin.

Black Orchid, rich in phenolic compounds, such as flavonoids, the extremely powerful antioxidants. It instantly eliminates free radicals, reduces the concentration of peroxide and remedies oxidized membranes. It prevents biological oxidizations that cause cellular and histological damage, thus accelerating skin anti-ageing mechanisms. Black Orchid has anti-oxidant properties. The extract of Black Orchid also fights free radicals and protects the structure of both cells and membranes against damage. Sugars, proteins, amino acids and organic acids found in Black Orchid are hygroscopic molecules and they capture water particles from the environment and bind them on the surface of the skin. Therefore, the extract of Black Orchid acts through the active path of skin hydration. The organic acids, the sugars and the amino acids contained in Black Orchid help the smooth flow of the fluids, thus preventing the dehydration of dry skins

Allantoin, significantly accelerates the time needed forthe revival of the cells, remedies the irritated skin, protects it and recovers any damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

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The unique qualities of HYALURMED FACE SERUM PRO

This is the first time pure hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight has been combined with extracts of Black Orchid and Allantoin in order to create a unique skin-care product that revives and remedies the skin by restoring day by day the loss of volume and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles as well as deeper creases.


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